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2013 Belissimo M x Feinbrand

Bella is forward, sensitive, and catches eyes wherever she goes. She showed Training Level in 2018 and wowed the judges while she trotted disobediently for the door.  She scored 8's on her gaits, but her rascally behaviour resulted in significantly less glamorous overall scores. Not to worry, Bella's sweet personality and potential make up for her behaviour at her first show. In fact, we like Bella so much, that she has a full younger sister, Barcelona.

Bella redeemed herself at the 2019 Vernon District Riding Club Dressage Show! She was a little tense on the first day which lowered her scores to 61 and 66%. But on the second day, she came out to impress and scored 72.857% and 74.028% at First Level! Her super score was the highest mark at the show!

Bella is also approved to the main Hanoverian Studbook!

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