2004 Sunny Boy x Rubinstein

Carolynne imported Sara from Germany when she was 3 and showed her successfully up to PSG/I1. When Sara was 10, she broke her navicular kicking at the horse in the stall beside her. In November 2017, Katey decided to start riding again and started bringing Sara back into training. They successfully showed Third Level in summer 2018 and are shooting for PSG/I1 for the 2019 show season. Sara is a boss mare through and through!


2008 Sagnol x Feinbrand

 Stryder's rascally personality and buggy "who me?" eyes make him a barn favourite. He was born on our farm and has scored over 67% at Intermediare A/B with Carolynne.



2013 Belissimo M x Feinbrand

Bella was supposed to go up for sale as a 3 year old, but we loved her too much to sell her. At 5, she is a little behind in her training, but will catch up quickly with consistency. With her perfect markings, nobody gets noticed in the show ring like she does.


2016 Belissimo M x Feinbrand

'Bazzi' has not been started under saddle, however, we expect her to be easy. She is the first one to come to the fence hoping for a treat and would come sit on the couch with us if she could.


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